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My CDs & Books are all available at  Volumes Publishing

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I'm also on itunes and CD Baby


My New CD is HERE!!!

My new CD " My Magic Carpet"  Is finally in.
So far the feedback has been really good, so I can stop hoilding my breath:)... although I haven't heard anything about the "I've Gotta Toot"  song just yet.
I'll have the cds with me at my shows and it will be available for download soon  through my web store, cdbaby, and itunes.
You'll also be able to buy the CD through  Volumes Publishing!
At the moment you can download from cdbaby
 I'll also be posting a video "You Can't Catch Me" shortly on my YouTube Channel.

I've got 4 videos posted so far on Youtube and plan to do more. Here's the link to my YouTube page

That's all for now!!

Love, Erick

         All my cds and  books are available at 
         my shows  and on line at Volumes Publishing!




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