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  As a recording artist, Erick children's CDs have received rave reviews and feedback from kids and parents alike. This page includes a few free MP3 samples and lyrics for all of his CDs. Erick is now a published children's author and he has also released a CD of some of the songs he does at the pubs.  
  Plucky...The Persistent Little Hen
Erick & Maryam Kaffi have released their latest book "Plucky, The Persistent Little Hen"
Maryam has wonderfully illustrated Erick's "Chicken Song" It's a fun look at setting goals and not giving up when success doesn't happen right away.

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  Sign & Sing
  Erick has partnered with sign language instructor Leslie Lang from Little Hands Talking and illustrator Maryam Kafi to produce this wonderfully illustrated book & cd on signing for hearing children to enhance home learning and practice of sign language.


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    The Christmas Mouse
A delightful story about a brave little mouse who meets up with Santa Claus on Christma Eve.

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  My Magic Carpet...Now Available!
Erick has released his latest cd  "My Magic Carpet " Featuring "My Magic Carpet" an ode to books "You Can't Catch Me" and "Hip Hop Little Rabbit" 2 great little action songs and  many more.


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Erick now has 3 children's  books published!

..Plucky The Persistent Little Hen...  It's the Chickenm song with the lovely illustrations of Maryam Kafi

..Sign & Sing...Learn sign language & sign along to Erick's songs

..The Christmas Mouse (Book)
Enjoyed the Christmas Mouse CD? ...now enjoy the book




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